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Our Firm Rutva Notary provides 360 degree personal legal solutions for all your legal worries anything from preparing Affidavit True Copy/Certified True Copy, Bonds, Undertaking, Declaration, Rent Agreements, Lease, Sale Deed from drafting of the documents acquire stamp papers required to get is registered with the authorities necessary, Purchasing property Solutions, Commercial laws.

Our Services


Notarization of all type of Documents with Stamp Papers
  • All type of Affidavit,

  • True Copy/ Certified True Copy,

  • Undertaking,

  • Declaration,

  • Bond,

  • Rent Agreement,

  • Lease Deed,

  • Agreement to Sale,

  • Sale Deeds of property,

  • Power of Attorney

  • Will

  • Mortgages

  • Partnership Deed

  • Sale Deeds of Vehicles or Movable Properties,

  • Passport Related Documents,

  • Complaints

  • Drafting of court Petitions and applications for any court.

  • Or any other drafting as per demand

 Translation Services(Gujarati, English, Hindi)
  • Translation of certificates

  • Translation of any documents

  • Translation for Courts

  • Also Notarization of Certified translation from original

Property (Open Land, Buildings, Bunglows, Flats, Industrial property) Related Services
  • Vetting or reviewing of property documents

  • Legal Search of records for Property

  • Public Notices/ Objection

  • Legal Title Report/Certificate of Property

  • Drafting and Registering of sale deed

  • Rent Agreement

  • Registration of Co-operative Society

Company/Commercial related services 
  • Registration of Company (Public-Private), L.L.P., Partnership, Proprietorship.

  • Obtaining Necessary Licenses

  • Tax Advisory

  • Appointment Order

  • Service Agreements

  • Non-Disclosure Agreements

  • How to Close or Wind up

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